Path of the Not-so-Righteous

House Hunting is Such a Drag

Alinor was more worried than she wanted to admit at how easily the city guards found her in her hides hole. Armed with a sack of fresh-baked honey cakes from her favourite bakery (the best investment she ever made!), she made her way into the red lantern district to find a new place. She had something special in mind; something that would hopefully keep her hidden long enough to make an escape if it was necessary…she visited several houses (did she see Davrish just around the corner?), and finally settled on one, negotiating with the “madam” for the rent. “Are you sure you want the place?” asked the dusky, yet curiously muscular lady. “there isn’t a proper door you know” she added, licking honey off of her fingers in a way that caused several cases of whiplash on the street. “I like to keep myself in shape,” Alinor reassured her, offering another honey cake." so I’m paid up for the next six moons, and you’ll let me know if anyone comes sniffing around, agreed?" Madam Domina accepted the treat; “throw in a weekly delivery from the bakery you got these from, and you have a deal, dearie. Although what I wouldn’t give to be young and your size again.” Alinor figured the cost against her investment in the bakery and agreed “Done. I’ll make the first one happen tomorrow first thing.”
She took her leave and wandered to the Superb Pie to let them know about their new delivery. As she removed her belongings from the stash at the Merkin to her new place, she thought that having a back-up hides hole couldn’t hurt. Even if it seemed unlikely that many people could gain access to attic rooms with no doors leading to them through a Brothel of big burly men dressing and acting like ladies. She stifled a giggle and pondered other possibilities as she took a roundabout path over the rooftops to see what the gnome had been up to…


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