Path of the Not-so-Righteous

It wasn't bats in the belfry

tasty, tasty kitties

Morning broke over the elven camp and the party discovered their young rogue had gone exploring with the professional monster hunter, Tabra Marto. After some deliberation, the Order of Righteous Cleansing prepared to set off. Berrian Velfarren offered them each a drink from the Font of Irori with a caution against being greedy. Fractal knelt reverently and scooped a handful of water from the fountain. He saw a vision of a pair of paladins locked in mortal combat with each other. Davrish offered his penitence and received a vision of the Abbey monks going about their business of growing grapes and making wine. Larissa recited a prayer and saw a vision of the construction of the Abbey, including the additions and renovations over the thriving years.

As they traveled along the semi-cleared pathway towards the Abbey bell tower, Fractal got the distinct impression they were being watched. Then, bones under the bushes were spotted, bearing teeth marks. It wasn’t long before they discovered just what was watching them. The large cat-like beasts had a taste for magic and decided Larissa and Fractal would make tasty morsels.

Zada did his best to calm the beasts while Davrish defended Fractal. In the end, retreat seemed the smartest option. Between the distraction of some Celestial Eagles and the brave sacrifice of Mister Grimmlekins, who will no doubt repay his human familiar with some furballs in his slippers, the party managed to escape. Not at running and screaming; definitely in a brave and stalwart way.

Next stop: The Wizard’s Tower


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