Path of the Not-so-Righteous

Spider, Nymphs and Elves Oh My

Zada has learned a few things on this trip so far.

The first being that he was never meant to be a sailor, the rocking of the high waves against the ship doing the opposite of being soothing.

Second, these people he has been bound to travel with are not that bad. Getting them out of the city, where all they do is con people and play them as fools, has shown those skills to be useful. He may actually miss a few of the humans when their old age strips them from the world, if they live even that long.

That is the crux of the issue, they are now on a strange island where Orcs have set up camp and take taxes from travelers. And, that is just the beginning of this oddness.

After entering the island’s fortress walls by running their typical con of walking up and saying “We’re here to help with your ghost problem.” It worked, they were allowed to enter and speak to some of the leadership who said not only would they get paid but would not be bothered by the Orcs while working on their little quest. All under the guise of ridding the island of ghosts.

Then the hiccup in the plan started, it really was haunted. Never having dealt with speaking ghosts or lost swords before the troupe was slightly confounded.

The ghost at the garrison told them the lonely sword would be needed to enter and unseal the building. And that the sword was somewhere in the forest behind the Abby. What was there was a large walled overgrown orchard filled with spiders.

Making their way through the thickest of the brambles Davrish gained the attention of the spiders leaving Annie poisoned. Luckily another traveler, a “Professional Monster Hunter” was there and said he knew where some nymphs were in the woods that may be able to help.

Arriving at the lake the very beautiful sylvan creatures offered to help us by playing the secret game. Whispering secrets to them, the Order gained insight into the island and help curing Annie of her poisonous condition.

The questions they answered helped with knowledge of where the missing cards were on the island. One with a fancy man by the fountain, one was moving and hurt their heads, another with the Wizard in the blinking tower we observed and yet another was with another group of mercenaries led by what we now know is a Drow.

One Nymph though, looked remarkably like someone that Zada knew and whispered a secret back to just him. One that he is pondering telling the others more about.

The closest was with the man by the fountain, so they traveled along the paths to that person. Along the way noticing tracks of a single person with small feet heading further South on a different trail. Upon their entering the region of the fountain it was discovered that there was an Elvish noble, and his four knights, who lost the noble’s sister earlier that day in the thick woods.

The Order assumed these were the tracks that they had observed earlier and offered to help find her in return for his card. An agreement struck they followed the trail to find the noble’s sister engaged in conflict with two Owl Bears. With 11 people fighting them it was no match.

Returning to the fountain to setup camp a night watch was determined and everyone settled in for some much needed rest.


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