Path of the Not-so-Righteous

The Final Entry

Dear Mother,

I hope you are well today. I’m. . . better than I have been as of late. I think I told you a very good friend of mine was killed recently, the local businesswoman. Her employees are very sad, and I was, too, for awhile.

My friends and I looked into the death and found it was related to several others. A very respected nobleman asked us to help solve the mystery, and wouldn’t you know it—we did! We are a very good team, Mother; you would be proud of how well we work together. I even share with the others, just like you said.

Tomorrow we are going to be rewarded by the Primarch, who is very proud of us. It is an honor, and I hope you would be proud of me, too.

But that’s not really why I’m feeling better, Mother.

You see, recently, I had chance to uncover a powerful magic, like from a fairytale! One that. . . one that I think might let me come visit you. We could be together again, like in the old stories. I would like that very much.

So, tomorrow after my friends and I get our reward, I will tell them goodbye. It will be very hard. . . but I think they will learn to be okay without me. Then, I am going to use that magic, and I am going to try make it work. If I can When I do. . . when I do, I’ll come see you, Mother. I’ve missed you so very much.



froodbuffy ArmandoPenblade

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