Path of the Not-so-Righteous

The Ice Man Cometh

Ride 'em, Ranger!

More than the unique architecture of the tower, it was the high-pitched scream of terror that got the group’s attention. A dark-skinned elf ran from the tower, his long white hair streaming behind him. Fractal tried to stop him with a Suggestion, Zada tried shooting at him, but it was Larisa’s tentacled spell that finally brought him to his knees, literally.

It took a great deal of coercion, but the group finally got the elf to tell them that a dead wizard was turning his friends into ice statues. He also mentioned they should look out for a large, ugly woman.

Fractal sneaked ahead to peek inside the bottom floor of the tower. He could tell that magical traps were laid into the floor, making the path to the stairs complicated. Avoiding the traps and the large, snoring being laying on a table would be tricky. The group decided instead to climb the tower. While on the roof, Fractal was able to use a spell that allowed him to see inside. They could hear tuneless humming, and someone muttering about how nice it was having visitors.

Fractal was sent inside, but was too frightened to gather much information. With an exasperated groan, Zada volunteered to go in. He was granted invisibility by one of Fractal’s scrolls and quickly moved around the tower unnoticed. There he found a newly-frozen half orc, dwarf, and two human females.

That’s when things got interesting. Using the Key card loaned to them by Capa Barsavi, Zada straddled one of the prone ice blocks and teleported up to the tower roof. Once there, gravity took over and he rode the icicle as it plummeted, getting a little bruised as it shattered beneath him.

Zada repeated this feat, each time enraging the wizard more as he realized his precious friends were disappearing. The wizard’s shrieks woke the large figure from downstairs and heavy footsteps hurried up. Zada paused in his endeavors long enough to see the ugly woman the dark elf had mentioned. Tattered cloth hung around the giant, fleshy being, giving her a semblance of modesty. Long rows of stitches held the skin together, like a poorly made suit of skin.

The party quickly searched the shattered ice and splattered bodies — these could only have been their rivals, The Thrashers — and found the lost sword, as well as the Flame card.

A hunch on Zada’s part led him to find another card, Gem, and urging from Fractal and Larisa made Zada make one last trip, to try to extract the wizard’s bookcase. A hasty grab from the broken shelves, and the group headed to the safety of the forest to catch their breath.

While Fractal and Davrish read their new books, Larisa cast a fortune. She shook her head and clucked her tongue. Once again, the Illusion card came up, and for the second time, the fool. Perhaps their young friend, Alinor, wasn’t as safe with Tabra Marto as they thought.


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