Path of the Not-so-Righteous

Time for a Nice Explore

No need to go looking for trouble

When Zada woke Alinor for her turn on watch, he seemed to be a bit more introspective than normal. “Worry the gristle off a bone, that one,” as her mum would say. As Zada went to his own bedding, she gave a stretch to put a cat to shame, looking around to see if there was anything else up besides the moon. Ser Respen, one of the elven knights was also on watch. She decided to work on her “charm” as some would put it. She never really worked with the marks during an “exorcism,” usually working behind the scenes.

Ser Respen was polite and kept his amusement fairly well hidden, even indulging Alinor her fascination with the clockwork dragon. She didn’t see even a hint of a frown cross his face until the flash nob, Tabra Marto, practically appeared out of nowhere, startling them both. He offered to take her exploring, and she agreed when Ser Respen told her he would inform her friends. She decided that as long as they were back by breakfast, it would be okay. Her stomach seconded that notion….maybe there would be honeycakes!

She and Marto moved off, him trying to impress her with what he knew of rare species, and she chattering about nothing really..while she studied him out of the corner of her eye. He said he captured rare creatures for a collector, claiming the adventure kept him in the game rather than the money, but his clothes would definitely go for a pretty penny, even second hand. Though he did move fast enough she wouldn’t have attempted the ketchin’ lay on him, even with her old crew of street rats. She was impressed by his claim that the Dragon in the Abbey was very well read, but she really would have thought the clockwork dragon much more interesting. She did need to remember to tell Fractal about the reading dragon.

As they were wandering, the noise of crashing underbrush became louder and louder. As Alinor ducked behind a bramble bush and Marto skittered behind a tree, a creature that looked suspiciously like a rabbit on two legs, and dressed as a courtier, burst into the small clearing. Marto and the princely rodent spoke, but she started counting rounds and looking for the tall tree when the word "hellhound’ started to be exchanged. She had already pulled her sling out when Marto indicated that she should find a nice tall tree. She scrambled up and looked down in time to see three slavering hounds of ginormous size with what she was pretty sure was acid for drool burst through where the rabbit had come through. She saw Marto prepare a stance like a swishy-type gladiator, and could’ve sworn the “prince” ducked into the bushes and ran off. As one of the beasts headed in her direction, she wished for some sorcery or magic spell, or even one of Larissa’s ice-spears or something to help her with this….


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