Path of the Not-so-Righteous

To the Forest!

Where's the forest? The trees are blocking the view!

The party climbed the high wall around the Inner Garden easily. Some even managed to look quite dashing as they did so. The orchard was a piece of cake to navigate through — wait, are those spiders following Davrish? A small skirmish and a bit of poisonous bite later, the party introduces themselves to their new friend, Tabra Marto, Adventurer Extraordinaire.

Tabra was more than happy to guide the party to see the Nymphs and they spent the afternoon quite happily conversing with the beautiful females. With information that there are not just 3 cards, but 4 on the island, things were looking up. And The Thrashers? Certainly they won’t cause any problems.

The party headed to the Fountain of Irori and found Berrian Velfarren along with his 4 men at arms. Zada told the stately elf that he knew where his lost sister was, and they should head out at once to get her.

Analastra was soon found, fending off a pair of overly-friendly owlbears. The party earned the gratitude of Berrian and he rewarded them with a card from the Deck of Many Things — the Idiot. They settled down for the night, trading stories with the elves, and each agreeing to keep watch in a 2-hour shift.


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