Capa Barsavi

Nomarch of the Coins District


Some say that Capa Barsavi bought his position of power. No one says it out loud, of course, because those who do soon turn up dead. It is common knowledge, however, that shortly after his appointment as the Nomarch of Coins, he invited all the Guild leaders to dine with him. In a move that solidified his position, and would prove his ruthlessness, he had each of them killed. The remaining members of each Guild were given a choice: swear fealty to him, or suffer a worse fate.

With the faithful members of the Red Hand to back him up, he soon had a full complement of loyal guild leaders. Those who earned his trust were allowed to function autonomously, as long as they pay their dues. The other guilds are watched. There is no warning given when a guild slips from one category to the other.

The district Guard, known as Yellow Jackets for their yellow tabards and the sharp sting of their swords, are loyal to Barsavi. They are guaranteed protection from petty thievery from his Guilds, on pain of death. The same goes for the City Guard. And everyone knows just how painful the Red Hands can make that death.

Outwardly, Barsavi is a generous and fair leader. The merchants praise his economic measures. The nobles praise the safety of the streets of the Coins district. And the other Nomarchs wonder how he keeps things running so smoothly.

Capa Barsavi

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