Tabra Marto

Gentleman Adventurer


Tabra Marto is a tall, athletic man, quick and graceful in his movements and easy in his manner. His small nose hooks slightly over the faint shadow of a mustache, and his skin is well-tanned. He normally dresses in colorful shirt, leather jerkin, long pants, silken gloves, and crimson cap. Only his dirt-encrusted boots show any sign of wear, hinting at a more active lifestyle. From his belt hangs a sheathed rapier.

Tabra is consistently boisterous, quick with a joke or a kind word, and he takes every opportunity to share his advice on the world of beasts. He’s rarely impatient or cruel, though his unceasing friendliness occasionally seems to be only a habit.

He is a dashing explorer and a well-regarded member of the aristocracy, but his real worth is his knowledge about monsters. He can identify them, track them—even think like them—like no one else, and he’s always looking for information on where to find new creatures. Rumor has it he’s indebted to some unsavory types.


Tabra Marto

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