Zada Hazir

Just an average citizen


True Neutral Humanoid (Elf, Human); Age: 24; Height: 5’ 9"; Weight: 135lb

Lightly Tanned Olive Skin, Dark Hair, Green Eyes



Zada’s life was never easy in Galt, born of a night of passion between his mother and the aged human friend of hers. A mistake he never truly forgave her for. Zada’s father went and died during one of the many revolutions in Galt leaving Zada no memories of him, a mistake he never could understand. The only things he has of his father’s are his twin swords, once a gift from the elves, as a death gift.

While growing up Zada quickly recognized that he grew much faster than even his older, full blooded, sister Eladra or his friends. Being a half breed he was something of an outcast, always struggling to prove himself to those around him. Cursed with his father’s frame and frailty only made it more difficult, though he gained the grace of his mother’s people. Regardless he always experienced love and acceptance from his mother, sister and uncle.

In his teens he was forced to interact more with Humans by his loving relatives. They felt that it would do him better to make attachments with those that aged more like he did. By day he would learn the ways of his family as much as his tainted blood could, in the evenings his mother would force him out to make friends among the humans.

Zada continued to strive to prove himself, even while his mother continued to try and make ways for them among the human merchants and minor nobles.

It would be those connections a few years later that would alter Zada’s path.

Near his 19th year an arranged marriage was in the planning, luckily with a full blooded that he adored from a distance before. He had been accepted as a skilled hunter and guide among the people of the human community, and even passable by the elves. The future had began to treat Zada with the respect he had fought to earn.

However his mother’s machinations from years ago had come back to entangle her in the most recent internal power struggles. A minor noble had her slayed as an example to others that would have plotted against his hold on the region.

Zada did the only thing he could, he studied and plotted for two years against this new foe. Then using his old skills, and new ones he had learned in that time, he was able to infiltrate the house guard. Three weeks later he had the opening he needed and was able to take revenge for his mother.

Leaving the hold, and a minor power vacuum in his wake, he made his way to his uncle and sister to let them know what he had done. His pride boiling over at the ease and success.

His uncle could see the fire on the wind though, and heard that Zada and his connections had been identified. The uncle gave Zada his sister to protect, money, supplies and told them to flee Galt for their own safety.

A few years later, his sister is almost an adult but still a child, Zada has taken odd jobs and contracts along the way. With each one his hands become a little more stained, and his regrets and loss fill the chambers of his heart.

Finding his way to Absalom he began to try to establish himself by taking jobs as a guard or hired protection. More often than not though he was contacted to take other jobs.

One of those other jobs caught the attention of the Red Hands. They went to speak to him, and explaining a few facts of life he is no longer a free agent. But, his sister is safe so long as he plays by their rules.

Zada was placed with a troupe of charlatans who also help as trouble shooters on occasion for the Nomarch.

His role, when not dealing with problematic individuals, is to look for the marks. His high bluff skills make him a natural actor and face when needed.

Zada Hazir

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