The Nomarch of Coins has a job for you. An offer you can’t refuse, so to speak. There are Rules to living in Coins, the first of which is to keep the Secret Peace. If you don’t keep the Secret Peace, Capa Barsavi doesn’t get to stay as Nomarch. And that would make Capa Barsavi very, very unhappy.

The District of Coins in the great City of Absalom lays just north of the docks. This is home to much of the trade, both legal and illegal, that occurs within Absalom. It is this illegal trade that Capa Barsavi is most concerned with. As long as he keeps things running smoothly, the Primarch turns a blind eye to certain activities. The Secret Peace means that no one steals from the nobles or the Guard. Not even Capa Barsavi. Especially Capa Barsavi. He pays his taxes, just like everyone else, except that he has you to collect them for him.

Each Guild in the Coins pays homage to Nomarch Barsavi. Those he trusts are given more freedom in their activities. Those he does not trust are watched closely by his own personal guard, the Red Hands. Not even the Primarch’s guard are as fearsome.

Word on the street is that Barsavi has been calling in his guilds, one by one, for meetings. And now, it’s your turn.

Path of the Not-so-Righteous

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