Path of the Not-so-Righteous

Into the Dragon's Den... er... Library


Wraparound stairways give way to an immense library and observatory. Shelves stuffed to bursting with tomes, scrolls and loose scraps of paper line every surface, while bottles and obscure tools crowd tabletops. Towering stacks of books reach to the ceiling like parchment columns. In the center of the library, aimed towards a tattered and torn silk tapestry, sits an immense golden telescope.

The 80’ ceilings provide ample room for say, that dragon over there, if he wanted to stretch his wings. Dazzling blue skin is almost completely covered by a patchwork hide, held together by crude stitching. At the moment, he seems preoccupied with a book, just the tip of his tail twitching as if it had a life of its own.

It’s the big finale for the little band of adventurers. Who else will make a guest appearance in this sweeps event? Will it be Brambleson? Or perhaps a secret visit from the Spider, aka Leowin d’Aranya. Then again, it could be Father Murphy or even Euphrates Portsmouth. Don’t miss the exciting conclusion of The Path of the Not-So-Righteous!


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