Petite Sorceress with Butterfly Wings


Ruby is about 3’2 with shoulder length red hair, kaleidoscope eyes and a ever present smile. She flits about with her beautiful wings and likes to dress in pretty dresses.


Rubyxyvaylarielyassha is a Fairy Princess. If asked she will tearfully tell you the tale of her home land. Of her tiny island kingdom of Thul Barakur. A place of wonder and magic. A place of joy and learning. However three jealous, malevolent magicians plotted in secret to take it for themselves. A Necromancer, a Progenitor, and a Master of Planar Travel. Together they duplicitously gained control of the island and banished Ruby far away from her beloved people. Now all she wants to do is get back and regain her rightful place. If only there were a band of brave adventurers to help her!


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